Visit Hebron Israel

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Driving to Hevron

Raphael Blumberg  All rights reserved
Follow Green Sign Right to Machpelah

Hebron Israel

Most people are surprised to learn that nearly half a million visitors – men,women, and children – visit Hebron in Israel each year. Here’s how to travel to Hebron (aka Hevron) and what you can do as you visit one of the four holy cities of Israel.

Three Ways to Visit Hebron Israel

1. Tomb of the Patriarchs

Most visitors come to Hebron by either the 160 public bus or by a chartered tourist bus. For nine shekels, the bulletproof 160 bus goes straight to the Tomb of the Patriarchs from the Jerusalem Central bus station, Third Floor, Gate 7. About 24 buses make the 65-minute trip each day, and 20 make the return trip. Use the Egged Bus Company Internet Site to plan your trip. If you have never been to Hebron and don’t want to drive there yourself, take the  convenient “160” bus.

Raphael Blumberg  All rights reserved Gutnick Center in Hevron, Israel

Raphael Blumberg  All rights reserved
Gutnick Center


Many thousands of people drive to Hebron. Using the army-secured bypass road from Jerusalem, Hebron is thirty-five minutes south of the Jerusalem neighborhood of Gilo, along route 60. Following the English signs will bring you directly to your destination; you can park right at the edifice or in the large parking lot nearby.  As you approach the Tomb of the Patriarchs, you will see the Gutnick Center to your left, housing a gift shop, cafeteria, and well-maintained restrooms.

Driving to Hebron

1. From Jerusalem, follow the signs south towards Gush Etzion, and then towards Kiryat Arba/Hebron.

2. As you drive south towards Kiryat Arba, do not turn right UNTIL you come to the large gas station yellow store store and the green sign mentioning Kiryat Arba in English, at the northern entrance to Kiryat Arba.  Important: Do NOT turn at a sign 5 minutes before Kiryat Arba marked “Hebron” as this leads to the Palestinian Authority controlled part of Hebron.

3. Presently there are no English signs for Hebron within Kiryat Arba. Following the arrows on the three green signs you encounter in Kiryat Arba will bring you safely to your destination.

Tomb of the Patriarchs

Raphael Blumberg  All rights reserved
Machpelah with Gutnick Center to the Left

Hebron Tours

Since 1997, Hebron has been divided into two sections, a Jewish section and a non-Jewish section. Jews are restricted to the Jewish area. The Israeli army has access to all sections of Hebron and patrols everywhere; they are on constant watch, protecting the thousand Jewish residents and the hundreds of thousands of visitors.

Alternatively, sign up for a tour of Hebron, leaving from Jerusalem and including a catered lunch. Some tours include a trip to Rachel’s Tomb as well.

Visit Hebron Israel: Did you know?

Jewish children live and thrive in Hebron where the families are large and children have the freedom to walk between the Jewish neighborhoods, even during the evening. Come experience their world while exploring one of the holiest sites in Israel.

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