Driving in Israel

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Driving in Israel: Top Car Rental Companies

Travelers looking to rent a car during their stay in Israel may be confused by the slew of rental car agencies available.

אורן פלס  CC BY 2.5 On the Road

אורן פלס  CC BY 2.5
On the Road

All the major car rental companies have branches in Israel, including Avis, Hertz, and Budget, along with several local agencies like Shlomo Sixt.

One factor in making your choice is the pickup and return location. In general, car rental branches located at the airport tend to be quite reliable. Airport car rental branches are more accustomed to dealing with people from abroad and you can expect professional service. The down side is that using airport car rental agencies means you will incur an airport tax of $27. For most travelers, this fee is well worth paying in exchange for reputable service. You also won’t have the headache of finding alternative transportation to and from the airport when you may be quite tired or anxious to make your flight.

Here are five top rental car companies in Israel:

יעקב  CC BY-SA 3.0 Budget Car Rental in Israel

יעקב  CC BY-SA 3.0
Budget Rental

1. Budget Israel

Hands down, travelers say that Budget Car Rental offers the best bargain for Israeli car rental. However, check the fine print on your contract to ensure that the provision of service is not subject to a waiting period, for example a couple of hours.  A delay waiting for service may not be worth the lower price when you have limited vacation time.

2. Hertz Israel

The advantage to using Hertz or any of the large car rental companies is that you can bring any unresolved issues from your trip to the attention of locals upon your return. While Hertz Israel is an independent franchise of the larger Hertz agency, the central U.S. operation still maintains influence over operational aspects of individual company franchises. This can be a boon to resolving issues left over from a trip to a foreign country as you can speak with someone who shares your mentality and speaks your language.

צילום:ד"ר אבישי טייכר  CC BY 2.5 Israel Car Statue in Village of Julis

צילום:ד”ר אבישי טייכר  CC BY 2.5
Car Statue in Village of Julis

3. Alamo Car Rental

Alamo Car Rental gets good ratings for its Israeli operation. The cars are quality and prices are low. However, bear in mind that the Jerusalem branch is situated a distance from many Jerusalem hotels.  Repeat travelers to Israel find that while Alamo’s prices are competitive, Budget is still a bargain and if you are staying at Jerusalem’s King David Hotel, it has a better, more central location.

4. Israeli Car Rental: Shlomo Sixt

Shlomo Sixt Car Rental gets fair ratings from travelers to Israel. Ensure you take the time to note every scratch and ding upon pickup to avoid being charged for damages on return. This includes checking the roof for dents and looking at the undercarriage as much as possible too.

5. Avis Israel

Like all the major car rental agencies, Avis gets good ratings from travelers to Israel. Booking in advance will let you take advantage of the better prices found on the Baruch Haba website versus those quoted at the Israeli branch outlets.

Driving in Israel: Did You Know?

We recommend you reserve your car online a month before your trip, but make sure you print out copies of your confirmation and have them handy at pickup and return in Israel.

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