Caesarea National Park

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Caesarea National Park: A Multi-Media Experience

Caesarea has added a layer to the historical beauty of its antiquities: a new multi-media tourist experience. But, don’t expect to be trudging through forests.  This National Park is in the middle of the city.

Ann Goldberg®  All Rights Reserved Caesaria

Ann Goldberg®  All Rights Reserved

The first stop on your virtual tour of Caesarea is a film which zips you at breakneck speed through all the civilizations which have trodden on Caesarea and left their imprint. You’ll see how Herod’s engineers built what was to be the largest port in the area and the temples and palaces he established in an attempt to ingratiate himself with the Roman emperor. You’ll witness how Caesarea changed under the influence of the Romans, Crusaders, Byzantines, Arabs and Ottomans, all the way through to the 21st century with the British Mandate and the founding of the modern State.

Caesarea History: Famous Figures

After you’ve watched the film you’ll have a chance to ask questions of some of Caesarea’ s most famous citizens, such as Rabbi Akiva,

Ann Goldberg®  All Rights Reserved Meeting Rabbi Akiva

Ann Goldberg®  All Rights Reserved
Meeting Rabbi Akiva

Herod, Saladin and Baron Rothschild. With the aid of cutting-edge computer technology you can ‘conjure up’ the figure of your choice and ask a selection of pre-set questions to which they’ll answer you.You can ask Herod why he wanted to build a mini-Rome in Caesarea and ask Rabbi Akiva just what was his connection to this town.

Caesarea Israel Time Tower

After questioning Caesarea’s famous citizens, visit the Time Tower, which is a wonderful complement to a tour of the ancient excavations outside. Through computerized animation you can see the ‘original glory’ of Caesarea superimposed on the remaining ruins outside.

On a large computer screen you’ll first see a picture of the excavations outside today. Gradually the computer will build up the picture, adding the original sections of the ancient edifices and monuments that made up Caesarea over past civilizations and conquerors; you will end up with a picture of how Caesarea looked hundreds and even thousands of years ago.

These three areas of modern Caesarea – the film, the computer generated historical figures, and the super imposed buildings – can all be found along a long pier jutting out to sea, a section of the ancient port’s breakwater. This is also a favorite place for fishing, as you may notice, if you take a look at the end of the pier where fishermen can often be seen trying their luck. You can also join them as fishing gear is available for rent.

Ann Goldberg®  All Rights Reserved Caesaria Art Gallery

Ann Goldberg®  All Rights Reserved
Caesaria Art Gallery

More Caesarea Tourism

Nearby you will see ancient artifacts of the outdoor archaeology museum. This is part of a project between the Antiquities Authority, the Caesarea Development Corporation, and the National Parks Authority. One of its prize items is the recently excavated ‘Medusa sarcophagus’ where you can clearly see the head of Medusa covered in snakes on the large stone coffin which was the common way of burial amongst rich Romans around 2,000 years ago.

There’s also a delightful area nearby with restaurants, coffee shops, arts and crafts stores, and gift shops where you can buy anything from Israeli jewelry, Judaica , posters and local paintings; there’s even a whole shop devoted to dreidels, the spinning tops used on Hannukah. It’s a great place to browse and stock up on gifts to take back home.

Caesarea National Park: Did You Know?

Give yourself plenty of time to enjoy the Caesarea National Park and multi-media experience. This is easily a full day’s activity.

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