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| May 19, 2013 | 2 Comments
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Alpaca Farm Israel

If you have ever had visions of yourself as Lawrence of Arabia riding through the desert, then you’re in for a treat. Head on down to the Negev Desert region, near the Ramon Crater, to the famous Alpaca Farm in Israel.

Alpaca Farm Israel

Alpaca at Alpaca Farm (Photo: Someone35, CC BY-SA 3.0)

The farm is home to all types of animals, but mainly a 400-head herd of llamas and alpacas that is possibly the largest herd in the world. Alpacas are like miniature camels, but are blessed with very fine quality wool that is lighter in weight than wool from sheep.

Here, in this faraway Negev spot, the Alpaca Farm offers you a chance to learn how to spin the unique alpaca wool into yarn. If you arrive during the shearing season in the spring you will have a very enjoyable experience. It all began with a dream the owners had about raising some type of unusual and interesting animal, not as a food source, but as something, well, different.

Camels in the Negev

Camels in the Negev (Photo: מנשה סויסה, CC BY 2.5)

Alpaca Farm Israel History

The owners visited the Andes Mountains in South America, where they fell in love with alpacas and llamas, and decided on the spot to bring some of both back to Israel. But first they had to find a place that mimicked the natural habitat of these charming creatures. They settled on the highlands of the Negev.

Soon enough, the owners discovered that their alpaca and llama farm acted as a magnet for tourists. The animals are so good-natured and charming they are rather irresistible. Since then, the farm has hosted over 1 million visitors.

Next, the owners decided to buy some wild horses and train them for riding in the desert. They did such a good job that their horses have won not only national, but international awards as well. Horses on the Alapaca Farm boast a reputation for having very gentle temperaments.

Alpacha Farm Israel: Riding Along the Coast

Riding Along the Coast (Photo: צילום: אורן פלס, Oren Peles, CC BY 2.5)

Ride an Alpaca

The Alpaca Farm offers guests daily riding rates so you can ride the entire day (or even a few days) exploring the endless magnificence of the nearby Ramon Crater. If you prefer, the Alpaca Farm offers experienced guides to help make your tour on horseback an educational, interesting, and most of all fun adventure. In addition to the aforementioned animals, the Farm is also host to donkeys, camels, angora sheep, and many, many other types of unusual animals. At the Alpaca Farm, children weighing up to 25 kilograms can ride an alpaca, while children up to 35 kilograms can go for a pony ride as parents capture the moment on camera.

Guests are encouraged to handfeed the friendly alpacas and llamas, which helps foster a closeness and an understanding between people and the animals. The staff is on hand to tell you all about the herd’s journey from the Andes to the Negev. They’ll also tell you about some of the more interesting habits of the animals, such as their ritual sand-bathing and spitting.

If you’ve come for horseback riding, then you’ve struck gold. The farm is situated close to the Ramon Crater with its cliffs, observation points, and magnificent scenery. The area retains its terraces that date back to ancient Nabatean times, and are dotted with small fruit orchards. With all this to see and explore, you’re in for a ride you’ll never forget.

Ramon Crater

Ramon Crater (Photo: Someone35, CC BY-SA 3.0)

Israel Horseback Riding

The Negev offers long stretches of land uninterrupted by roads or other signs of civilization. That makes the terrain perfect for long-distance endurance rides, a specialty of the farm. The landscape includes canyons, ancient Nabatean trails, plateaus, and rims. One horseback riding tour is the “Rim-Ride,” an hour and a half ride to the rim of the Ramon Crater. Very experienced horseback riders can take a half-day or more trip down the side of the crater.

A special tour called the Tiyullama offers a true desert experience for families with their own personal llama. Besides horseback riding, the farm also offers mountain bike and 4 wheel drive jeep tours.

The Alpaca farm invites you to stay overnight in their non-smoking wooden bed & breakfast cabins and suites. To reserve, call: 972-8-658-8047 Mobile: 972-52-897-7010 Fax: 972-8-658-6067 Email:

Alpaca Farm Trivia: Did You Know?

If you own your own horse, you can bring it along as the Alpaca Farm in Israel also serves as a rider inn. You will, however, have to leave any canine friends or other pets at home.

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  1. Karen Tammar says:

    I would love to receive more information about your alpaca farm. I love all animals, especially alpacas, camels, llamas, horses, and donkeys!

    • rj says:

      Hi Karen, we agree this is a one of kind attraction. To find out more information, click on the blue alpaca farm link in the first sentence of the article. Enjoy!

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