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Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv

Ann Goldberg  All rights reserved
Eretz Museum

Looking for a Great Tel Aviv Museum?

Today’s museums have gone hi-tech, hands-on, computerized, and are great fun to visit. Tel Aviv has some of the most interesting and innovative museums in the world.

Several museums are situated in north Tel Aviv, near the University or Haim Levanon Street, making it easy to visit several consecutively. However if you really want to enjoy each one without suffering museum burnout, then it is better not to take in more than one or two each day.

Eretz Israel Museum

Not many museums can claim to have an archaeological site right in their center but this is what you’ll find here. Remains from Tel Qasile, an ancient city dating back to the 12th century B.C.E., the Philistine period, were discovered here in a dig in the 1940s, and extensive excavations were carried out until the 1990s revealing much of the ancient port. The excavations cover an extensive area of this very large Tel Aviv museum.

Eretz Israel Museum Tel Aviv: Fire Engine on Display

Ann Goldberg  All rights reserved
Fire Engine

After digging deep into the past you can move on to explore the heavens. The museum’s planetarium has been totally redesigned and now has a cutting-edge moving stage for visitors to sit on. You will be taken on a journey to the stars using state-of-the-art technology to give you an amazing soaring sensation!

Pavilions display and describe the history of various aspects of ancient life and the materials used throughout the ages; e.g. glass, ceramics, copper and coins.

There’s a path with rooms where you can see various ancient crafts; in contrast, bringing you a bit more up to date, there’s a fire engine on display that was donated to Tel Aviv in 1947 by the New York Fire Department after it was decommissioned.

A garden of sundials and a display of extraordinary mosaics are all wonderful additions to the outdoor area of this Tel Aviv museum.

Palmach Museum 

The Palmach Museum in Tel Aviv is a new, experiential computerized museum. Here you will meet and accompany a group of new conscripts into the Palmach (the striking force of the underground pre-State army) as they train and fight in the War of Independence. You move from room to room, with each one depicting a different scene.  In one room you stand amongst the trees in the forest and watch the recruits singing and relaxing around a bonfire. In the next, you feel the sweltering heat of the Negev as you watch soldiers in training. Later, you’re on the boat with soldiers and refugees from the Holocaust during the British attack, or accompanying them on a mission to blow up a bridge.

This journey will give you a new insight into the reality of life during that fateful time in Israel’s history when people who had just survived the horror of the concentration camps were yet again fighting for their survival.

Ann Goldberg  All rights reserved Palmach Experience

Ann Goldberg  All rights reserved
Palmach Experience

Yitzhak Rabin Center

This Israel museum, which opened relatively recently in January 2010, details the development of the modern State of Israel as a democracy, politically and socially, and doesn’t attempt to hide all the challenges, controversies and disputes which have shaken the country and its citizens over the years.In parallel it also traces the life of Yitzchak Rabin, who played a leading role in shaping the country throughout most of his adult life. He held many important and influential positions in government including Chief of Staff, Minister of Defense, and Prime Minister twice; he also represented the country as Ambassador to the United States.

The Rabin Center is designed in a downward spiral with the country’s development and history on the inside and Rabin’s parallel biography and political career along the outside walls. Films, photos, and memorabilia cover all the defining moments and turning points in both histories; strategically placed pillars list all the conflicts and dissensions of that period.

The museum can be visited using headphones while you peruse the attractions at your own pace or guides are also available for your convenience.

Tel Aviv Museum: Did You Know?

This list provides just a small sampling of the wide variety of museums that Tel Aviv has to offer. Don’t forget to also visit the Museum of the Jewish People (formerly called Beit Hatfutsot or the Diaspora Museum), the Museum of the IDF, and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

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