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Ann Goldberg  All Rights ReservedTel Aviv Port (HaNamal)

Ann Goldberg  All Rights Reserved
Tel Aviv Port (HaNamal)

Take the Bus!

Tel Aviv, is an eclectic mix of  the old-fashioned  and modern worlds, casual beach life and hi-tech professionals, contemporary and classic architecture and is home to a medley of  people from the four corners of the globe.

The open bus tour of the twin cities of Tel Aviv and Jaffa will show you some of the most interesting historical sites and popular tourist spots.  The tour, operated by Dan and the City tour company and sponsored by the Tel Aviv Municipality, gives explanations of each of the 28 stops in eight languages, which you can hear through your own personal earphones. You can decide where you want to get off and explore the sites in more depth. To download a Tel Aviv bus map, click here. Get the day pass and you can get on and off as often as you’d like on one ticket.

Bus Tel Aviv to the Jaffa Port

Ann Goldberg  All rights reserved
Jaffa Port

Tel Aviv Bus Station

Your first bus station is the Tel Aviv Port, rich in history with newly renovated upscale stores and eateries. Early in the morning you can catch joggers, walkers, and cyclists and perhaps groups of yoga practitioners. In the evening, as the sun drops over the Mediterranean, look out for bridal couples being photographed against the unforgettable backdrop. Home to the first covered market in Israel, Shuk Hanamal, you can shop, dine and experience a wide variety of tastes and treats along the seashore.

Your bus tour continues along the beach, passing many popular hotels and driving through Jaffa, the fascinating ancient sister city of Tel Aviv. It is the antithesis of everything in Tel Aviv, with ancient buildings and narrow cobbled alleyways, hidden courtyards hiding art and Judaica galleries, as well as delightful museums and restaurants.

Tachanah - Tel Aviv Bus Station


You’ll just get a glance of Neve Tzedek, the first neighborhood built outside ancient Jaffa in 1887 and before Tel Aviv was even conceived. Now it is one of the most expensive yuppie areas of the city with important cultural and arts centers as well some of the best restaurants.

Tel Aviv Bus Route

As you continue to bus Tel Aviv, check out the Tel Aviv bus route, which will take you past ‘Tachanah,’ the site of the Old Jaffa-Jerusalem Ottoman Railway Station. Today the old waiting rooms and warehouses have been revamped into art exhibitions, fashion spots, clothes, toys, bookstores, and restaurants as the area has been developed into a leisure center.

Then, off to the cultural center of Tel Aviv, Habima Theater, Dizengoff Center, Tel Aviv Museum and the Azrieli Towers. You’ll pass the Law Courts and the Performing Arts Center, as you head towards Tel Aviv University, Ramat Aviv and the area known as Museum Mile.

Ann Goldberg  All Rights ReservedEretz Israel Museum Mosaic Garden

Ann Goldberg  All Rights Reserved
Eretz Israel Museum Mosaic Garden

Tel Aviv Museum Mile

Along Haim Levanon Street your bus will pass some of the most innovative Tel Aviv’s museums. First is the very large Eretz Yisrael Museum with an archaeological dig in its center, a planetarium, and various pavilions recounting the history of glass, stamps, and ceramics in Israel.

Further along the street is the Palmach Experience where you follow a group of young conscripts in the Palmach. You move from computerized room to room, through the forest, to the sizzling heat of the Negev desert. You accompany them on a mission to blow up strategic bridges and face the wrath of the British on an illegal immigrants’ boat.

Next  along the road is the Israeli Museum at theYitzchak Rabin Center. This Tel Aviv museum highlights two parallel themes of the development of the State as a democracy and the life of Yitzchak Rabin. Around the corner is the  Museum of the Jewish People, previously known as the Museum of the Diaspora or Beit Hatefutsot. This flagship museum covers Jewish life from ancient times until today.

Bus Tel Aviv: Did You Know?

If you’re in the mood for some outdoor activity while you tour Tel Aviv, take a break from the bus and rent a daily or weekly bicycle at Tel-O-Fun.

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