Israel Driving

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Drork  Public Domain Driving in Israel: Scenery off the Road (Hulda)

Drork  Public Domain
Scenery off the Road (Hulda)

Driving in Israel

If you fly with Israel’s airline, El Al, look into purchasing El Al’s “Sunsational” hotel and car package. The package, available exclusively for El Al passengers, includes a car with unlimited mileage and tends to offer the best prices around. Depending on the season, you may be able to get a package deal that includes a free rental car for a 5-day period. Review ahead of time to determine if you want to upgrade on the type of vehicle offered.

Transportation within Israel

If you don’t have your own vehicle, make Israel transportation easy by renting a car. Keep in mind the following special considerations when you you rent a car for your next vacation or business trip to Israel.

Renting from the smaller Israeli rental car companies may mean you won’t have to pay the daily rental fee for the Sabbath. Sabbath-compliant companies expect you to refrain from using your rental car on that day. Even though the daily fee may be waived, you will still need to cover insurance for the day.  A parked car can be stolen, vandalized, or hit by another vehicle over the Sabbath, so you don’t want to be left uninsured during that time. Sabbath-observant companies may have higher rates to make up the difference for the unpaid Sabbath day, but the total fee may still be less than weekly fees offered by other rental companies.

While it is usually possible to order a car one day in advance (barring holiday season), it’s best to reserve your car at least a month in advance. Cars may be in plentiful supply, but the demand is great for cars with automatic transmission—rental agencies have been known to run out. If you reserve one of the company’s least expensive cars in advance of your trip and arrive to find the car is not available, you may be automatically upgraded with no extra fees.

Car Rental Jerusalem – Car Rental Tel Aviv

All of the major rental car companies have their Jerusalem offices on King David Street, which is close to most of the major hotels. In Tel Aviv, branch offices are also located along the hotel strip on HaYarkon Street. If you’ve arrived without having arranged for a rental car, you can book online at Baruch Haba Worldwide Car Rentals.

Israeli Car Rental

Read every last word of your contract, even if you need a magnifying glass to do so. If the contract is not in your native language, don’t sign but firmly insist upon a contract you can read and understand. If a section of the contract is in Hebrew, make sure that the agent explains the language to you and make a note next to the section that you don’t understand or read Hebrew. Don’t be left liable by signing a contract you cannot read.

Rastaman3000  CC BY 3.0 Israel Transportation: Parking Lot in Israel

Rastaman3000  CC BY 3.0
Parking Lot

Rental cars are not insured for travel to Samaria and Judea/West Bank in Israel, though most companies do cover travel on Highway 1 which leads from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea, and Route 90, which runs along the Dead Sea and Jordan Valley to Tiberias. Check to see whether your rental insurance covers travel to or within East Jerusalem, if you plan to be in that area.

Israel Driving: Did You Know?

Seniors in Israel may have difficulty finding a car rental agency that will rent to people aged 75 and older. Seniors may be required to pay a higher insurance rate. Check for the company’s policy on seniors driving in Israel before you leave.

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