Netanya Promenade

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Netanya Beach and Promenade at Night

Netanya Beach and Promenade at Night


Looking for an interesting and exciting place to spend a day? Visit the Netanya Promenade, consisting of many different sections. Above the 13 kilometers of cool inviting sea and soft golden sands that make up Netanya’s long stretch of beaches, stand over 9 kilometers of beach promenade. The sandstone cliffs that separate the town from the seashore start off 45 meters higher than the coast, and gradually descend until the coast and ridge meet at Poleg Beach.

Like the different sections of Netanya beach, various parts of the promenade have personalized names and each section has its own character. Five are listed below.

1. Nizza Promenade

Ann Goldberg  All rights reservedNetanya Promenade

Ann Goldberg  All rights reserved
Netanya Promenade

The Nizza (or Nitza) Promenade starts off near Nitza Boulevard in the north. It is adjacent to the residential area of Netanya, where many European and American couples have retirement homes. This stretch is quiet with many benches, and features attractively laid out gardens and lawns for the residents’ enjoyment. On Shabbat especially, you’ll see elderly couples taking a quiet stroll or sitting and enjoying the view.

2. Ma’apilim Promenade

The next section of the Natanya Israel promenade, going south, is Ma’apilim Promenade, located above the beach where ma’apilim seeking refuge from the horrors of the Holocaust came ashore from their dilapidated sea crafts, avoiding the ever-watchful eyes of the British soldiers who were waiting to catch them and deport them to Cyprus, or worse yet, back to Europe.

This section is more for the young crowd, featuring a skating rink and several children’s playgrounds; however there are also many art galleries here.

Netanya Promenade Restaurant

Netanya Promenade Restaurant

3. Rishonim Promenade

The Rishonim Promenade runs parallel with the center of town and Independence Square, the hub of the tourist area. There are plenty of restaurants and cafes nearby and there is a row of nine differently designed pergolas along this stretch, which make for delightful shady seating. Lawns and colorful gardens have also been planted here for the enjoyment of residents and tourists alike.

A glass elevator down to the beach was built at this mostly highly frequented Netanya beach, which can be reached from a bridge jutting out from the rocks. The bridge continues beyond the elevator, so you can stand out on the edge and enjoy a clear view of the Mediterranean Sea.

4. Shaked Promenade

Ann Goldberg  All rights reservedNetanya Amphitheatre Rehearsals

Ann Goldberg  All rights reserved
Netanya Amphitheatre Rehearsals

The Shaked Promenade is where the Netanya amphitheater overlooking the sea is situated. Throughout the summer, musical performances are held here, as well as municipal events which are free of charge.

Often you can get an unofficial preview of these events by watching the rehearsals, and it’s always pleasant to sit and watch an unforgettable sunset unfolding before your eyes.  The sun appears to dip into the sea, changing its hue from red to purple and finally to blue and then black as it disappears beneath the horizon.

5. Mazok & Dankner Promenades

The Matzok and Dankner sections of the promenade in Netanya provide strolling and jogging space, as well as bicycle trails. This is a great way to experience Israel by bike. For the less energetic, there is plenty of shade for relaxing while enjoying sea views and the delightful sculptures which decorate the paths. This last section is also part of the Israel National Trail, which runs from Dan in the north to Eilat in the south.

Netanya Promenade: Did You Know?

The high-speed beach elevator carries 30 passengers up and 30 down — in 20 seconds!

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