Netanya Nature Reserves

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Netanya Israel Nature: Iris

פינטל  Public Domain

Nature in Netanya Israel

You may have thought that Netanya is comprised entirely of hotels, white sands, and blue sea, but there are several off-the-beaten track green and colorful areas of Netanya as well. Visiting them is a great way to experience nature in Israel.

Winter Pond, Netanya

As its name suggests, this pond, or rather lake, is most attractive around springtime, after the winter rains. Its size and depth varies according to the amount of rain during the winter, but there is almost always enough to invite ducks, other water fowl, and myriads of water insects. You’ll also see some beautiful wild flowers growing around the pond.

There is plenty of grass for picnics, a walking trail around the lake, and a very large adventure climbing area, including an adult-size outdoor gym which keeps the young and not-so-young in good shape. The 100+ eucalyptus trees planted around the lake provide welcome shade and also attract a wonderful collection of colorful birds, including parakeets, ravens, herons, and crows.

Netanya Iris Reserve

The purple iris is one of the indigenous flowers in Israel and is at its peak beauty in Netanya nature reserves during February and March, when this rare flower is in bloom. The iris is usually dark purple, sometimes almost black; to set off its stunning color, you’ll also also see multi-colored anemones and tulips.

Poleg Nature Reserve in Netanya

The entire area, including the Winter Pond and the Iris Reserve, is sometimes referred to as the Poleg Nature Reserve. However the official Poleg Reserve, with the Poleg Stream running through it, stretches right to the sea, where you might just get lucky enough to catch a glimpse of sea turtles laying their eggs. Follow the trails and you’ll be able to admire many rare plants. The Poleg Nature Reserve in Netanya is also home to many eucalyptus trees, which were originally planted to help to drain the swamps.

Sergeants’ Grove, Netanya

Ann Goldberg  All Rights Reserved The Old Sycamore Tree

Ann Goldberg  All Rights Reserved
The Old Sycamore Tree

This small, pleasant grove is situated in the eastern part of Netanya. It was planted to provide some green area in the midst of urban expansion and highrise buildings. It also contains an adventurous play area for children. Eucalyptus, oak, and pine trees were planted here providing an attractive shady area. This area is known as Sergeants’ Grove, as it was here that the two British sergeants were hanged by the Irgun in retaliation for the hanging of Israeli underground fighters in Acre Prison.

Gan Hashikma, Natanya

On Mintz Street in Netanya there is a small park built around an enormous Sycamore tree, which is said to be between 600–1,200 years old. The circumference of its trunk is 5 meters. Nearby are the archaeological remains of Um Haled. This is the original area bought by the pioneers when Netanya was originally built.

Netanya Nature Reserves: Did You Know?

To get an idea of where all of the nature reserves are, take a Netanya bus tour and map out your route.

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