Netanya Parks

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Popular Parks in Netanya

Netanya Israel is home to many beautiful parks. Here are two of the most popular.

Ann Goldberg  All Rights Reserved Utopia Park, Netanya

Ann Goldberg  All Rights Reserved

Park Utopia, Netanya

The ever-changing scenery in Israel is one of its many marvels. Just a short distance from Netanya, in Emek Hefer near Kibbutz Bahan, you can visit Utopia Park. Here you’ll enter the world of the tropical rainforest and see over 20,000 majestic orchids. It may surprise you to learn that these orchids don’t grow out of the ground, but rather from inside stones, on mossy rocks, and some even appear to hang in midair.

Orchids originate in a type of mushroom, so as you start your tour you will walk through a dark, damp cave, where you’ll see the inedible mushrooms highlighted on the dark wall. As you enter the main area of the tropical rainforest you are greeted by a towering waterfall. This is one of many sources of water which also include small ponds and lakes that keep the correct climatic conditions for the plants.

 Utopia Park, Netanya: Orchids Growing out of Stones

Ann Goldberg  All Rights Reserved
Utopia Orchids Growing out of Stones

Apart from the orchid park, you’ll also see many other tropical plants including carnivorous plants. They attract their food by their delicate, attractive aroma; if their built-in sensors spot a fly or insect hovering about, it will immediately close and trap its prey.

Utopia Park in Netanya also features animals and birds which thrive in this climate, such as peacocks and hens. Outside in the enormous park there are many more animals to pet, including sheep, rabbits, deer, and an enclosed bird area. The butterfly enclosure is a pleasure to wander in and your children will especially enjoy these multi-colored delights.

For a different type of entertainment, try out the two mazes. There’s a relatively simple English-style maze and a two-tier ficus maze which is much more challenging.

The man-made lake in the center has an area of delightful musical fountains and you can watch the many individual fountains perform together in time to the music. This lake also feeds the waterfalls in the tropical rainforest section.

Cactus Park, Netanya

Several hills surround Cactus Park, where you will find tall, imposing cacti and another garden where the seven plant species, for which the Land of Israel is famous for, are planted.

There is a large garden center where you can buy plants to take home, as well tools to increase your success at growing and maintaining plants at home. If you are on vacation, a plant might make an unusual gift to take to the people you are visiting during your stay. The entire area is accessible to wheelchairs and baby carriages, making for a pleasant family outing.

Netanya Parks: Did You Know?

Utopia Park is about 15-20 minutes outside of Netanya, in Emek Hefer.  It is such a favorite with visitors that there is a special bus from Netanya that picks up and returns to most of Netanya’s hotels on Mondays. For an exact timetable, check with your hotel information desk or call Utopia Park at 09-878-2191.

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