Netanya Beach

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White Sand Netanya Beaches

Netanya is possibly most famous for its more than 13 km of soft white sand and sparkling blue sea, which is pleasantly warm for most of the year.

Netanya Beach


The official swimming season is from June to September, when there are lifeguards on duty at all the designated beaches from 8:30 am until one hour before sunset, unless otherwise stated.

Netanya Beach

Here are nine of the most popular beaches located in Netanya Israel:

1. Blue Bay Beach

This is Netanya’s northernmost beach, named after the Blue Bay Netanya Hotel which overlooks it. There are sailing and fishing facilities here, while swimming is not always permitted.

2. Tzanz (Zanz) Beach

This beach is in the religious neighborhood of Kiryat Tzanz, offering separate hours for men and women and a glatt-kosher kiosk. On alternate days – Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday – men use the beach in the mornings; on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday they have access in the afternoons. Women use the beach on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, and on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. The beach is closed on Shabbat.

Ann Goldberg  All rights reserved Netanya Amphi Beach

Ann Goldberg  All rights reserved
Netanya Amphi Beach

3. Four Seasons Beach

This beach is located below the Four Seasons Hotel and is accessed by the stairs leading down from the Shaked Promenade near Niza Boulevard. Most popular with the younger generation, the beach hosts frequent music and dance events and is most crowded towards the end of the week. It also has volleyball and soccer courts available.

4. Amphi Beach

This beach is below the beautiful amphitheater in the center of town, next to Independence Square where open-air music sessions and municipal events take place. The breakwater provides suitable access for boats, surfboards, and kayaks which can be rented nearby, as well as swimming and other water sports.  The Hapoel Marine Sports Club and the Tzeva Hatchelet Diving Shop are located here.

5. Herzl Beach

Herzl Beach is a southwards continuation of Amphi Beach. A sunbather’s dream, it contains many tall palm trees for shade, beach chairs, and parasols to rent.  There are diving and water sports facilities including Meduza’s naval activities, trampolines, soccer courts, football fields, volleyball and basketball courts, and a special playground area for children.  Take a picnic and enjoy the permanent barbecue pits.

Netanya Seaview Elevator

Netanya Seaview Elevator

6. Sironit ‘A’ Beach

This beach is sponsored by a local radio station/newspaper and so has a relatively constant flow of music and plenty of sports and beach events. Artists perform here and for those seeking an active beach experience, this is definitely one to enjoy. The beach is open year round, and during the summer season may be open as early as 6:30 am. Parking is available for a fee.

7. Sironit ‘B’ Beach

This is Netanya’s main beach for swimmers, as the breakwaters leave the water calm and swimmer-friendly all year round. Because it is the most frequented beach, this is the location on which the glass beach elevator was built, taking visitors up and down to the beach in 20 seconds. There is a token fee of 1 shekel for use of the elevator.  The beach opens at 6:30 am for early bird swimmers.  Here you will find the Beach Administration Office, a first aid center, and a local police office as well as fitness facilities.

Ann Goldberg  All rights reserved Netanya Sunset over the Mediterranean

Ann Goldberg  All rights reserved
Netanya Sunset over the Mediterranean

8. Argamon Beach

This beach is further south, near the soldiers’ hostel, and is accessible from Ben Ami Boulevard. Frequented by the many soldiers stationed in Beit Glodmintz and Beit Feldman, this narrow beach attracts many people during the evenings. There is open-air gym equipment and free parking is available.

9. Poleg Beach

The expansive Poleg beach is located near the Iris Reserve at street level, with parking up close and no steps to negotiate. It is used mainly by swimmers and water sports enthusiasts who want to boat, jet ski, and more. Enjoy the fitness facilities, beach football. volleyball fields, and shade pavilion.  A special treat is the view of the many gliders in the air above the southern side of the beach.

Netanya Beach: Did You Know?

There are four and a half kilometers of delightful promenade on the sandstone cliffs 25–45 meters above the Netanya beach.

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