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Nsaum75  CC BY-SA 3.0 Twist on the Old Favorite: Falafel Chips in Tel Aviv!

Nsaum75  CC BY-SA 3.0
Twist on the Old Favorite: Falafel Chips!

Tel Aviv Restaurants

Ask ten people to name their favorite Tel Aviv restaurant and you’ll likely get ten different answers. For more about restaurants in Tel Aviv and around Israel see the Baruch Haba Restaurant site that offers an English website for restaurants with an online booking service, specials and discount coupons; booking on line ensures your table is available and the restaurant is open. .

Food Tel Aviv

Of course, you’ll find Israel’s favorite ‘national’ food in Tel Aviv – namely, falafel, those crunchy, deep-fried chickpea balls served in a pita pocket with chopped fresh salad, sometimes fried onions and eggplant, and topped with tahina. The great thing about falafel is that you get to choose which extras you want, including (or excluding) some hot, spicy sauces – all for just a few shekels. And don’t forget the popular “chips” (french fries) on top.

Even the best restaurants in Tel Aviv serve that ubiquitous Middle Eastern specialty hummus, a ground chickpea dish served with fresh olive oil drizzled all over and zatar (spice) sprinkled on top, with a pita on the side to wipe up the last drop.

Historically, Israelis came from all four corners of the world, with each person bringing his/her own traditional food customs and recipes. This is why some of the small mom-and-pop restaurants in Tel Aviv, especially the Yemenite ones around Carmel Market, are so popular. If you’re adventurous, try one! You may not find them written up in food guides, but if you see a crowded restaurant, you can assume the food is good.

Greg TLV  CC BY 2.0 An Array of Spices from the Tel Aviv Shuk

Greg TLV  CC BY 2.0
An Array of Spices

Types of Restaurants in Tel Aviv

Traditional menus vary from restaurant to restaurant. Some Tel Aviv restuarants serve typical European “gefilte fish and goulash”-food. Then there are those with Yemenite saluf bread, jachnun (a puff pastry often served with breakfast) and kubaneh (known as Shabbat-morning bread). Tel Aviv restaurants serving Iraqi-style food may offer tabid ( cholent to the Europeans) and tabouli (bulgur salad). Although you’ll find kebabs (ground beef on a skewer) served in many fast-food establishments, their real origin lies in the Persian/Iranian-food restaurants like those you’ll find around the Florentin area.

The Israeli food scene has changed a lot over the last years. Israelis have started to appreciate fish, so you’ll find hot, spicy Sephardic-style fish, deep-fried plaice, as well as many Asian and Thai restaurants nowadays.

Tel Aviv visitors tend to enjoy the wide variety of upscale eateries on Shenkin, Dizengoff, Rothschild and Hayarkon Streets. Many of the most popular restaurants can be found inside hotels themselves.

Restaurants Tel Aviv: Did You Know?

Once you have checked the restaurants in Tel Aviv, take a walk through the shuk and enjoy the pleasure of tasting fresh local produce. Soft summer fruits – like peaches, nectarines, plums, apricots, and grapes – are delicious and usually very cheap once the season is in full swing. If you can carry a watermelon home, that may be all you’ll want to eat during those hot Tel Aviv midday hours.

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