What to Do in Eilat

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Visit the City of Eilat

Flower at the Eilat Botanical Garden

IsraelTourism  CC BY 2.0
Flower at Botanical Garden

Not sure what to do in Eilat? If you travel to Eilat by car or bus, you will drive through miles and miles of barren rocky desert for as far as the eye can see. Then suddenly, almost like a mirage, appears the city of Eilat, with trees and lush parks. The fascinating history of how Eilat emerged out of the desert is portrayed in the municipal museum called Eilat Iri (Eilat My City).

Eilat Attractions: Eilat Iri Museum

Eilat’s history began with its liberation during the 1949 Ovda Campaign. A interesting exhibit of old photos shows the historical development of Eilat. The first residents of Eilat lived in desert huts and needed water delivered to them in  cans. See photos of the construction of Eilat’s first neighborhood, Aleph, in 1952; children of the Vatikim neighborhood in 1953; photos showing the in gathering of the exiles – Jews who arrived in 1956 from Morocco; the first synagogue on Almogim Street in 1957, and the declaration of Eilat as a city in 1959.

Things to Do in Eilat: Visit the Eilat Port

The museum also houses exhibits about the Eilat port, Arkia Airlines, the salt company, the electric company, the underwater observatory, and water issues. As you view these you will be reminded not only of how Eilat emerged from the desert, but how Eilat must still rely on all kinds of innovative technologies to continue to thrive in the desert.  Eilat’s water is a prime example; it comes from both groundwater and desalinated seawater.

Eilat Art Gallery

Eilat Rainforest

IsraelTourism  CC BY 2.0

A trip to the museum wouldn’t be complete without stopping in at the art gallery in Eilat.  It’s a great way to get a feel for the scope of both prominent and local talented artisans through the featuring paintings, sculptures, and jewelry. For further information call: (08) 634-0754 or email: museum@eilat.muni.il

Eilat Parks

Eilat has many beautiful parks and three are of particular note:

The Central Park contains an interesting sculpture garden.

The Ofira Park attracts thousands of migrating birds and is the only green park in the hotel district. To witness the miracle of a vibrant green city in the midst of a barren desert wilderness, visit the Botanical Gardens Organic Farm.The

Eilat Botanical Garden is like a miraculous oasis. Its tropical rain forest has water pouring down, simulating rain and is the first desert rain forest to be developed. The garden is situated on the northern border of Eilat at the site of a former military outpost. It is built on stone terraces to resemble ancient gardens and orchards. The garden contains more than 1,000 plants from all over the world, waterfalls, beautiful walking trails, and nooks to sit and take in all the surrounding beauty. A reconstructed stream attracts all kinds of birds and animals. The Mountains of Edom and the Red Sea are visible from the garden. It’s altogether a paradise and a wonderful way to spend the day.

Eilat Plants: What to See in Eilat

Eilat: Fish Sculpture in Central Park

IsraelTourism  CC BY 2.0
Fish Sculpture in Central Park

While many of the beautiful plants, flowers, trees and shrubbery are native to the area, like the Acacia Tree, Abraham Bush and wormwood, there are also trees and plants from all over the world, like the Sea Almond from Cuba. Another imported species is the fascinating Baobab tree, native to the Savannah in Africa and Madagascar, a long-living tree with some huge specimens believed to be more than 2,000 years old. These trees can grow to a height of 100 feet (30 m), with a trunk diameter of 36 feet (11 m). One of nature’s natural reservoirs, the trunk can hold up to 120,000 liters of water.  Tapping into the trunk allows the water to be draw the water out.

What to Do in Eilat: Did You Know?

There is also an organic farm at the Eilat Botanical Garden, where everything is grown without chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides.


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