Eilat Glass Bottom Boat

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Eilat Dolphin Reef

רונן מרקוס  CC BY 2.5
Dolphin Reef

Eilat Glass Bottom Boat: Jules Verne Explorer 

Gliding gently through the water with a window to the sea, a glass bottom boat offers a glimpse into the hidden undersea world of brightly colored tropical fish and beautiful coral – without having to go diving into the water. Cruises include many of the special Eilat attractions such as the Dolphin Reef with friendly wild dolphins, the undewater Japanese Gardens, and more. Central to any trip is the Eilat coral reef.

Exploring the reef is easy with a multitude of options. The Jules Verne Explorer offers 2-hour cruises in a state-of-the-art vessel that not only has a glass bottom, but also has submergable glass walls that give maximum viewing; the sea is viewable from below and from the sides.

Eilat Glass Bottom Boat: The Jules Verne Explorer

צילום:ד”ר אבישי טייכר  CC BY 2.5
Jules Verne Explorer on the Water

Music and guided tours enhance the beautiful sights as you journey around the Gulf of Eilat. For more information call (08) 631-6348 or email: h1h@012.net.il

Eilat Glass Bottom Boat: Galaxy Sailing Observatory

The Galaxy Sailing Observatory has large panoramic glass windows on the bottom deck that are two meters under the water, allowing a great view of the myriads of rainbow-colored fish, the beautiful coral, and more. The top deck has fascinating views; the shaded middle deck has a snack bar. For further information call 08-6316661 / 050-5310503.

Israel-Yam Glass Bottom Boats

Israel Bernstein captains both Israel Yam boats on two-hour cruises that include the Coral Reef, the Japanese Gardens, and a fun dolphin watch at the Eilat Dolphin Reef. The bottom level of this three-tiered boat contains a large glass viewing area.  Check here for a discount coupon.

Daviddarom  Public Domain Coral Reef on the Gulf of Eilat

Daviddarom  Public Domain
Coral Reef on the Gulf of Eilat

Eilat Glass Bottom Boat: Coral Pearl

The Coral Pearl, a glass bottom boat built in Australia in 1994, offers both a fascinating view of the Coral Reef and a trip to the Undersea Observatory Marine Park (the Red Sea aquarium). Purchasing a combined “Super Ticket” covers both the half-hour cruise and entrance to the Undersea Observatory. You can also purchase a combined ticket to the Oceanarium, a giant underwater dive simulator which provides the look and feel of being undersea.

Eilat Glass Bottom Boat Trivia: Did you know?

The 1,200-meter plus Eilat coral reef is one of the northernmost reefs in the world and the only one of its kind in Israel.

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