Disabled Travel Help

Disabled Travel Help in Israel

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(Photo: Taber Andrew Bain, CC BY 2.0)

New accessibility laws are scheduled for implementation in Israel by 2015 and this is exciting news for anyone who has mobility issues. To assist you, Baruch Haba has gathered the following resources to make your stay in Israel mobile friendly!

Disabled Travel Help resources:

Ben Gurion Airport  see this link to learn about the services offered at the airport for disabled passengers.

Yad Sarah , a charitable organization operating out of Jerusalem, with branches in other Israel locations, offers a valuable transportation service for disabled tourists to and from Ben Gurion Airport. City transportation is also available – all for a very small fee.

 Services  offered include everything from wheelchairs to oxygen cylinders. Users are required to provide a small security deposit. Don’t let the lack of needed disabled apparatuses in your hotel room stop you booking with the hotel you want. Yad Sarah can also assist by outfitting your hotel room to meet your mobility needs. Shop at their store for items you want to take home; purchases are made at bargain prices.  Best of all, for special need tourists, contact them for free information for touring Israel. For further information email tourism@yadsarah.org.il or phone 972-2-644-4633 or Fax: 972-2-644-4628.

If you want to rent a car, check out Eldan for a car that has either right or left hand controls. In high season reserve well in advance.

Israel Railways offers assistance to people who are blind or in wheelchairs.  Phone their Call center, (03) 611-7020 or to the General Information Center at *577



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