Sea of Galilee

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Sea of Galilee with Mount Hermon in the Background (Photo: Joe Freeman, CC BY-SA 2.5)

Sea of Galilee with Mount Hermon in the Background (Photo: Joe Freeman, CC BY-SA 2.5)

Lake Kinneret, Tiberias, Mount Arbel, Migdal, Ginossar

The beautiful area around Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) is where most of the events are said to have taken place during the three years of the Christian Savior’s ministry. If you are looking for a great vacation combined with a chance to see historical, archaeological, religious and nature sites all in one area, come to the Kinneret!

The beautiful Lake Kinneret  is a favorite recreational area for both Jews and Christians.  Called Lake Kinneret in Hebrew because of its harp-like shape (kinnor is harp in Hebrew), this freshwater lake is Israel’s largest source for drinking water.  Its serene waters are perfect for viewing, as you sip a cup of coffee before beginning an active day of taking in all the historical and spiritually significant local sites.

Christian sites around the Kinneret include Tiberias, Migdal, Ginossar.

Sea of Galilee: Church of St. Peter (Photo:  צילום: אליזבת גולדסטון, CC BY 2.5)

Church of St. Peter (Photo: צילום: אליזבת גולדסטון, CC BY 2.5)


The nearby town of Tiberias (or Teveria, in Hebrew) boasts healing hot mineral springs and baths. It is renowned as one of the four Jewish holy cities (the others are JerusalemSafed and Hebron) and is the burial site of prominent Jewish rabbis, as well as events reported to concern the ministry of the Christian Savior. It is a great place to use as a base for touring the Christian sites around the beautiful Lake Kinneret.

Right on the lake shore, you will find a very interesting old historical church from the Crusader Period called the Church of St. Peter. It is dedicated to the request the Christian Savior was said to have made to his disciple Peter (Shimon bar Yonah) to “tend my sheep.”  The entrance to this Catholic church is from the Promenade near the ‘Galei Gil’ fish restaurant.

Mount Arbel

As you leave Tiberias and head north, you will soon see beautiful Mount Arbel, full of  caves in which the Jews hid from their Roman pursuers. The Arbel National Park and Nature Reserve contains four levels of caves; there is a Cave Fortress, the Carob Tree Lookout, and a short, easy trail to an ancient synagogue.  For hikers, the Arbel stream can be toured in its entirety.

Sites near the Sea of Galilee: Mount-Arbel-(sz)

Mount Arbel (Photo: Lior Golgher • ליאור גולגר, CC BY-SA 3.0)


Just north of Arbel is the village of Migdal, near the site of the ancient Roman fortress town of Magdala in the Plain of Ginossar, famous as the hometown of Mary Magdalene.


The Plain or Valley of Ginossar is where the Christian Savior is said to have landed after a storm at sea where his prayers to heal many sick people were answered.

At Kibbutz Nof Ginossar you can see an ancient boat over 2,000 years old  on display at the Adam Bagalil Museum. The boat, discovered when the waters of Lake Kinneret were low during a drought, had been buried in peat which preserved it. For further information phone: (04) 672-7700.

Sea of Galilee: Did You Know?

In the many great Tiberias fish restaurants, you can order the same type of grilled Peter’s Fish that the Christian Savior and his disciples are said to have caught and eaten over 2,000 years ago.

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