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Djampa  CC BY-SA 3.0Jerusalem Independence Park Rams Stone

Djampa  CC BY-SA 3.0
Jerusalem Independence Park Rams Stone

Israel Parks: Jerusalem

Jerusalem is blessed with many parks and they’re all worth exploring if you’re looking for a place to recharge your batteries and gain a little perspective after all that sightseeing.

In this beautiful city you can experience the wide open spaces of Independence  Park in the center of town, visit the magnificent vistas of the Haas Promenade overlooking the Old City from Armon Hanatziv, or choose the exercise-oriented Sacher Park near the Israel Museum.

Independence Park – Gan Haatzmaut

Jerusalem’s Indepedence Park or Gan Haatzmaut is a wide grassy area of gentle slopes and small water channels which is a nice break from shopping on nearby Ben Yehuda Street and or touring the Old City.

Israel Parks View of the Old City Walls

Faye Gelb  All rights reserved
The Old City Walls

There are some nice sitting areas toward the western side of the park and plenty of space for kids to run around and let off some steam. There is no formal playground equipment, but older kids will enjoy scrambling over the rock formations that are the remains of the bedrock of ancient Jerusalem.

The southern side of the park is bounded by Agron Street, home to the US Consulate in western Jerusalem.

Haas Promenade (Tayelet)

A favorite walking area for southern Jerusalem residents is the Haas Promenade, or the Tayelet as it is known to the locals. The promenade is situated on top of a park that extends all the way down the valley toward Abu Tor and is part of the Jerusalem Peace Forest created after the 1967 Six Day War to link eastern and western Jerusalem.  The entire walkway is comprised of four sections: the Haas Promenade, the Sherover, the Trotner, and the Goldman Promenade.  Each was built at different times by different architects, creating unique but connected spaces.

Faye Gelb  All rights reserved Water view, Wohl Rose Garden Jerusalem

Faye Gelb  All rights reserved
Water view, Wohl Rose Garden Jerusalem

The promenade at the top of the hill extends for about 1½ miles and provides some of the best views of the Old City and the Mount of Olives.   There’s plenty of seating and good bathroom facilities.  A great place for a picnic, with shade from the olive and almond trees. If you’re feeling adventurous, continue walking east in the direction of the Armon Hanatziv UN building flying the pale blue UN flag, where you will discover the Tolerance Park and monument as well as the small but peaceful Goldman Promenade. Few tourists make it here, but if it’s a clear day, you’ll be rewarded by views of the Dead Sea and the hills of Moab to the east.

Gan Sacher (Sacher Park)

When it comes to Israeli national parks, Gan Sacher in Jerusalem  is large enough to host concerts in the summer months and boasts the city’s best playground and outdoor exercise equipment.  In addition to the labyrinth of running and walking trails, Gan Sacher has a basketball court, soccer area, and borders on the spectacular Wohl Rose Garden (one of the most beautiful gardens in Jerusalem), as well as the Supreme Court and the Knesset.  A good plan for an afternoon at the park is to stop at the Machane Yehuda market, pick up some food and drink, tote it down the hill of Betzalel Street to the park, and find a quiet green spot for a picnic.

Jerusalem Parks Israel: Did You Know?

Israel is one of only two countries in the world that ended the 20th century with more trees than it had at the turn of the century.

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