Bat Yam

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Bat Yam Israel

Bat Yam, a beach town in central Israel on the Mediterranean coast, is known for its beautiful seashore, beaches and promenade.

Bat Yam: Entrance to the Rock Beach from the Promenade

Entrance to the Rock Beach from the Promenade Bat Yam (Photo by Josephine Levin © 2012)

Bat Yam is bordered on the north by Jaffa/Tel Aviv, on the south by Rishon Lezion, and on the east by Holon. Bat Yam in Hebrew means the “daughter of the sea” and no matter where one lives in Bat Yam the beautiful Mediterranean is never far away.

Bat Yam History

What began as a tiny religious settlement by 13 Jewish families in 1926 called Bayit Vegan became a town named Bat Yam in 1936, officially a city in 1958, and today has a population of 160,000 composed of Jewish immigrants from all over the world. In fact, Bat Yam claims to have taken in more new Jewish immigrants than any other town in Israel. During the War of Independence Bat Yam was cut off from Tel Aviv by the Arabs in Jaffa. On June 13, 1948 neighboring Jaffa surrendered to Jewish forces.

The first synagogue was built in 1928. The main synagogue and mikve is in Ramat Yosef. Today Bat Yam’s small religious neighborhood called Kiryat Bobov borders on the Ramat Hanassi neighborhood. It was originally settled in 1959 by followers of the Bobover Rebbi, but today there are also national religious Jews living side by side with the Hassidim. Followers of Rabbi David Chai HaCohen, head of Orot HaTorah and Rosh Yeshiva of Netivot HaTorah built the beautiful Orot HaTorah Sephardic Synagogue in Ramat Hanassi just one block away from Kiryat Bobov.

Flowers on the Promenade Bat Yam

Flowers on the Promenade Bat Yam (Photo by Josephine Levin © 2012)

Bat Yam Beach

Bat Yam’s beautiful beachfront promenade on Ben Gurion Boulevard is lined with restaurants, hotels and nine authorized beaches including one called Hof Hanifrad that has separate bathing days for men and women. While the beach season is from April to October, the Hof Hanifrad beach only opens from the end of June. The promenade has many beautiful flowers and stretches from Jaffa in the north down to the Colony Apartment Hotel in the south.

Accessible by both public transportation and private vehicle, parking and admission to Bat Yam beaches are free. Children are welcomed and there is even a children’s playground that was built right on the Riviera Beach.  At Dugma Beach is the Bora Bora large freshwater swimming pool. Sun parasols, deck chairs, changing rooms and bathrooms are available, but lifeguards are only on duty during the summer season during daylight hours.

Beaches in Bat Yam also offer water and air sports such as sailing, surfing, para-gliding and hang gliding. Bat Yam has one of the best surf breaks so it is an ideal place to learn surfing.

Bat Yam Hof HaSela (The Rock Beach)

Hof HaSela The Rock

Across from the Hof Hasela (the Rock Beach) there is an open-air amphitheater where many prominent artists and dance groups perform  during the summer months. Bat Yam residents get a discount on the admission price. Free live performances are also held at the Riviera Gallery which is right on Riviera Beach.

Bat Yam also has an annual three-day International Street Theatre Festival that attracts over 150,000 people. It has museums, galleries and places of historical interest.

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Bat Yam: Did You Know?

Bat Yam is in the area called Gush Dan (the Dan region) which today is the commercial and entertainment center of Israel. This area includes Tel Aviv and adjacent towns.

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