Bat Yam Beaches

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Bat Yam: Nine Beaches to Explore

Bat Yam has 3.5 meters of beautiful coastline and beachfront stretching from Jaffa in the north to Rishon Lezion in the south.

Beaches of Bat Yam

Beaches of Bat Yam (Photo: Ori, ®)

Bat Yam boasts nine beaches which are really nine different entrances to this one long coastline. In fact, you can walk from one beach to another. Tourists and people from all over Israel come to Bat Yam because the beaches are clean, quiet and very natural. Entrance to the beaches is free. Each beach has its own distinctive character. All beaches have lifeguards and most have showers and toilets. Some have restaurants, cafes or snack bars on the beach. The Promenade is lined with restaurants.

1. Jerusalem Beach

Whale at Bat Yam Promenade

Bat Yam Promenade (Photo: צילום:ד”ר אבישי טייכר, CC BY 2.5)

The Jerusalem Beach, Hof Yerushalayim with its entrance from Rothschild Street, is the closest beach to Jaffa and has a first aid station.

2. Palm Beach

The Palm Beach, Hof Hadekelim, is more tranquil and natural than the Jerusalem Beach.

3. Rock Beach

The Rock Beach or Hof Hasela is the most popular beach for families with small children and for weak swimmers; there is one very large rock (called the Red Rock or the Adam Rock) in the sea together with a breakwater that closes off the ocean on three sides. This forms a kind of lagoon that protects small children from being knocked down by large waves. Fishermen are often standing on the rock or the pier. Entrance to Hof Hasela is from Yerushalayim Street and Atzmaut Boulevard.

4. Dugma Beach

Bat Yam Beaches: Dugma Beach

Dugma Beach (Photo: Josephine Levin®)

The Dugma Beach, Hof Ledugma with access from Nordau and Yoseftal Streets is home to the Bora Bora swimming pool which opens for the summer season at the end of June. This is a very beautiful open air pool. Entrance to the pool is from 96 Ben Gurion St. on the Promenade. Next to the pool is the Tobago Restaurant and this section of the beach is a favorite with surfers. Across the street from the entrance to the pool is a small children’s playground.

5. The Riviera Beach

Enter this beach from Nordau St. This Bat Yam beach has a great children’s playground right on the beach called Gan Hashashuim. The Riviera Gallery with art exhibitions and live music performances is also on this beach. Holiday rentals, condos and apartment hotels are just across the street.

6. The Marina Beach

This beach is accessed from Yitzchak Sadeh Street. There are no restaurants so bring your own food, drinks and make a picnic on the beach or visit a nearby beach with restaurants. In spite of its name, there is no marina there.

7. Bat Yam Separate Swimming

Bat Yam Beaches: Pathway to the Beach

Pathway to the Beach (Photo: Public Domain)

Separate swimming is available at Hof Hanifrad, accessed from Ben Gurion St. This beach opens at the end of June. There are currents off the shore making it dangerous to enter the water wearing clothing instead of a proper bathing suit. An Israeli company sells modest swimwear which doesn’t pull you under the water or carry you out with a current like long  dresses that fill up with water. Here are the dates we have but you should check with the municipality before heading out at 972-57-734-7700.

Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday – women only

Monday, Wednesday and Friday – men only

Hours: July and August 8:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

8. Taio Beach & 9. Sea Palace Beach

The Sea Palace Beach and The Taio Beach are home to the Laguna Sea Sports Club for surfing and sailing and the Agur School for Paragliding. The Taio Beach is the furthest south just on the border with Rishon Lezion and is a very beautiful beach.

Bat Yam Beaches: Did You Know?

If a black flag is flying over a beach in Israel it is prohibited to go into the water even if a lifeguard is sitting in his post.

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