Ashdod Israel Parks

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Ashdod Parks and Gardens

Ashdod is a city that was built with very careful planning and has many beautiful recreational parks and playgrounds, including a new Park Ashdod Yam that is still under construction on Givat Hatilim. An amphitheater for this new park will be opened in November, 2012. Eventually, Park Ashdod Yam will also have a water park. Further information about all of Ashdod’s parks can be had by phoning (08) 854-5481.

Lakhish Park in Ashdod Israel

Lakhish Park (Photo: Polina Kimelblat, CC BY 2.5)

The Lachish Park and Zoo founded in 1996 is one of the most lovely and relaxing attractions in Ashdod, offering something for every age. It is situated on the southern bank of the Lachish River and has a promenade lined with palms and other trees. Some areas of the park have been left wild. Sounds of song and water birds fill the air, and being close to the port brings in fresh sea breezes. One would never know when viewing all this beauty that at one time the Lachish River was full of sewage and pollution. Sculptures have been placed around the park. This is a lovely place to bring the children, have a picnic and enjoy the free zoo that has zebras, ostriches, mountain goats, deer, antelopes and a petting corner. As if all this is not enough, the park also has a very nice children’s playground. Entrance is from Ben Gurion Boulevard.

Great Sand Dune

The Great Sand Dune may be the last place you can enjoy the sand dunes that once made up much of the coastal area from Bat Yam and Holon to Gaza. These sand dunes had their own particular kind of vegetation and animal life, most of which has disappeared. For instance, the beautiful rotem (white broom plant) was sometimes found in the dunes. Most of the dunes are now under apartment blocks, parking lots and shopping centers.

The Great Sand Dune, Ashdod Israel

The Great Sand Dune (Photo: MathKnight, CC BY-SA 3.0)

However, on the southeast side of Ashdod right near the train station is a beautiful Great Sand Dune, Dyuna where you can not only see a very large authentic high dune, but also can enjoy sliding down it from the top. This dune is 115 feet (35 meters) high and 820 feet (250 meters) long. Various kinds of wildlife inhabit this area, such as porcupines, deer, gerbils, weasels, jackals, foxes, reptiles and birds. Acacia and sycamore trees, shrubbery and flowers, as well as wild orchards of figs, grapes and pomegranates can be found here, and they help provide food and shelter for the animals and birds. The park also has picnic tables, a children’s playground and parking lot.

The Hashitta Hamalbina (White Acacia) Park is a wild and beautiful park on the eastern side of Ashdod. This park has the somewhat rare White Acacia trees, shitta hamalbina. This kind of acacia was used in building the altar for the Beit Hamikdash (Temple) in Jerusalem. Other trees found here are sycamore, tamarisk and jujube. It is home to many species of animals and birds. There are picnic tables and a children’s playground. The park is just south of the Ashdod cemetery and can be reached from Moshe Senna Boulevard and HaRav Yitzchak Buskila Road.

Egyptian Bunker in Park Ad Halom

Egyptian Bunker in Park Ad Halom (Photo: Bukvoed, CC BY 3.0)

The Ad Halom Park on the eastern side of Ashdod just south of Hashitta Hamalbina Park is home to the historic Ad Halom Bridge. Built in Turkish times, this bridge crosses the Lachish River and was crucial in Israel’s 1948 War of Independence, when Israeli forces drove the Egyptian army off the bridge and forced them to retreat. Had the Egyptian army not been stopped there, it seems clear that they would have continued straight to Tel Aviv and Israel would have most likely lost the war. There is a pillbox here that was built by the British. Today, the old stone bridge has been restored and is now used for pedestrians and bicyclists. The park itself is nice for picnics and is located near Yerushalayim and Moshe Senna Boulevards.

Memorial to the Fallen Egyptian Soldiers

Memorial to the Fallen Egyptian Soldiers (Photo: צילום:ד”ר אבישי טייכר, CC BY 2.5)

Ashdod Israel Parks: Did You Know?

After the signing of the Israel-Egyptian Peace Treaty, Israel invited Egypt to build an obelisk memorial for Egyptian soldiers who fell at the Ad Halom Bridge alongside the memorial for Israel’s fallen soldiers.

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