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Netanya’s Wingate Institute

You may be surprised by the variety of fun sports activities in and around Netanya. For many people, Netanya is a destination to sunbathe and swim, however for those who prefer something more energetic the choices are seemingly endless.

Dr. Avishai Teicher  CC BY 2.5 Sculpture at Wingate Institute in Netanya

Dr. Avishai Teicher  CC BY 2.5
Sculpture at Wingate Institute

You can start by viewing two different facilities dedicated to sports, the Wingate Institute and the Jewish Sports Hall of Fame.

The Wingate Institute, Israel’s National Center for Physical Education and Sport, is situated  just before Netanya’s southern entrance. This is where the Olympic squad trains and where many international sports competitions and conferences are held.  Some of their facilities are available to the general public.

Jewish Sports Hall of Fame

While you are on the Wingate campus you might find it interesting to visit the International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame. Photos, biographies, and other memorabilia about Jewish athletes from 22 countries are presented, who have achieved international acclaim in 36 different sports categories. Whether or not you are a sports enthusiast, test yourself to see how many names you recognize.

Israel Outdoors

For more Israel outdoors fun in Netanya, try your hand at these seven popular sports activities.

Ori®  Public Domain Netanya Beach Promenade

Ori®  Public Domain
Netanya Beach Promenade

1. Paragliding

For thrill seekers, the most popular activity tourists love to try out in Netanya is paragliding. It is so popular that residents near the sea no longer even blink when someone glides past their 5th floor window.

Paragliding is suitable for anyone over the age of six and requires no previous flying experience. Strapped safely into a harness in front of your instructor, a few steps and you’re off the ground gliding above Netanya’s cliffs and beaches. This is a thrilling way to get a bird’s eye view of the Mediterranean coastline.

2. Wall Climbing

A relatively new sport but one that’s gaining popularity all the time is wall climbing. Kibbutz Ogen, just outside Netanya, provides instruction and a variety of challenging walls for anyone over five years of age.  This is a great way to exercise and have fun with the proper gear and assistance. Call 09-894-2586.

Yuvalr  CC BY-SA 3.0 Fishing in Netanya

Yuvalr  CC BY-SA 3.0
Fishing in Netanya

3. Netanya Beach Activities

You’ll see surfers at every Netanya beach, as well as plenty of skateboarders and rollerbladers along Netanya’s long promenade.

One ball and two bats and you’ll look Israeli when you join in the game known as ‘matkot.’  If running around on hot sand doesn’t appeal to you, fishing is also an option. Fishing gear can be rented and several beaches have areas where you can try your luck at snagging a whopper.

4. Horseback Riding on the Beach

Horseback riding is another popular pastime in Netanya, with several companies that offer rides with an instructor. You’ll often see the riders taking a gentle canter along the sandy beach.  Most rides are for around one hour and are suitable for the whole family.

5. Cycling

The long promenade and the special Bicycle Park that Netanya municipality has built makes cycling  great fun for everyone. You can rent a bike and any extra equipment you need.  Netanya also offers a number of different bike routes.

6. Tennis

Tennis lovers will enjoy the Ir Yamim Tennis Club and its 12 courts at the largest tennis club in the Sharon area of Israel.  Located  in the Ir Yamim neighborhood, all courts are built according to international standards. Call 09- 882-4054.

7. Golf & Spa

Kibbutz Ga’ash caters to the golf enthusiast with a 9-hole golf course that has all the amenities golf aficionados would expect. Call 09-951-1511.

Wing Institute Netanya: Did You Know?

If you’ve enjoyed visiting the acclaimed Wingate Institute, head just north of Netayna, where you will find the only 18-hole golf course in Israel, named after Pete Dye. It matches and even surpasses some of the best golf courses in the world.

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