Israel Art

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Art Gallery Jerusalem: Jerusalem House of Quality

Deror Avi  CC BY-SA 3.0
Armenian Ceramics, Armenian Room, Jerusalem House of Quality

Israel Art

Whether it’s authentic, original Israel art, Israeli jewelry, or Judaica you’re after, forget about the mass-produced trinkets and head for the Jerusalem House of Quality building on Hebron Road, near the Menachem Begin Heritage Center and the nearby Hutzot Hayotzer Arts Alley across from the Tower of David.

At the Jerusalem House of Quality, a beautiful stone late-Ottoman-era building reminiscent of a modern khan, you will find a dozen or so small workshops housing talented Israeli artists and artisans, who let you watch them create and explain their techniques.

Since Prime Minister David Ben Gurion and President Ben Zvi created the House back in 1963 as a place where artists could develop and market their creations, The House of Quality has been a showcase for Israel artistic talent.

Israel Art: View looking down at Hutzot Hayotzer

Eddau  CC0 1.0
View looking down at Hutzot Hayotzer

On the ground floor, near the entryway, is a spacious exhibit space that’s always occupied by interesting artistic or photographic presentations.  As you wind your way through the corridors, you may bump into the artists and jewelry makers who will invite you in to chat about art, Israel, Jerusalem… Among the exhibitors is award-winning silversmith Avi Biran, whose specialty is contemporary Judaica. His exquisite pieces make wonderful gifts.

The House of Quality is within easy walking distance from the Mount Zion and Dan Boutique Hotels, as well as the King David, King Solomon, Inbal and Eldan Hotels.

Art Gallery Jerusalem

Art galleries and the Hutzot Hayotzer Artist Colony are a short walk from the House of Quality, where you will find Israeli jewelers, tallit weavers, sculptors and Judaica specialists.  The studios here are bigger than at the House of Quality, and the location is a destination in of itself. The galleries are situated on a scenic lane which used to house stables prior to the 1967 reunification of Jerusalem. In 1969, the municipality decided to encourage artists to move into the 26 studio spaces, and each artist was carefully selected for his or her special talents.

Ori  CC BY-SA 3.0Hutzot Hayotzer at Night

Ori  CC BY-SA 3.0
Hutzot Hayotzer at Night

Among the well-known artists working at Hutzot Hayotzer are David Moss, creator of the Moss Haggadah and other unique Judaica items; Uri Ramot, famous for his ancient Roman glass jewelry incorporating archeological fragments; and the beautiful weaving of Georges Goldstein. The unique creations of Sayed Dabbah, a fourth-generation silversmith, are definitely worth a visit, and the embroidery of Adina Gat will enchant you.

Art Fair

During August, the International Arts Fair is held in the park nearby and the entire area becomes one giant art festival. Located at Hutzot Hayotzer 24, most of the art galleries are open for limited hours, so call ahead 972-2-622-1163.

Israel Art: Did You Know?

The name Hutzot Hayotzer means “Artists’ Lane.”

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